Hollywood Textiles and Tailors is a high end retail shop providing bespoke (made to measure) tailoring for men. Part of the Dream Garments Group which is one of the oldest tailoring houses in the UAE (established since 1976), Hollywood tailors provides quality tailoring with exclusive European fabrics and accessaries.

What do we offer?

In addition to having consultants on hand who advise the best cuts and fabrics based on individual requirements, we offer a wide variety of styles, fashions and fabrics to meet the ever - expending needs of our customers. This is supported by a strong base in the tailoring industry that over the years have created a sense of trust and a loyal customer base over the last 30 years.


As all bodies are different,why do consumers have to buy ready made sizes. Our philosophy is to stop considering our customers as numbers but rather create garments that complement their bodies and give them a perfect fit every time.